What Drives your Sales?


I’ve been meeting with people lately, and have been asking them a number of questions about their sales process. It’s valuable to step back and ask yourself what exactly it is that drives your sales. Ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. What Drives your Sales?

What’s the difference-maker between a good quarter and a bad one? Is it getting a good price for your product? Finding new customers? Getting a larger share of your existing customers’ business?

2. Why do your customers buy from you?

This is related to the first question, but a little more abstract: why do people buy from you? Is it because your price is the lowest? Is it your quality? Or the relationships your Sales team have built?

3. What are your most effective channels for finding new customers?

I haven’t met anyone yet who isn’t on the lookout for new customers. Where do you look for yours? Better yet, where do you find them? What’s your success rate in turning leads & prospects into paying customers?

4. How do you try to influence the behaviours of your customers?

When you have a sale, or a new product line, how do you let your customers know about it? How do you try to influence their behaviour so they’ll buy what you’re selling? Are you successful?

Where to from here

Of course, asking all these questions is interesting and all, but now what? The real question is, what can you do about it? What techniques can you use to increase your sales, get people to buy from you, add new customers and influence their behaviour? Do these techniques work?

I know these are things I’ll be asking myself about my business!

Need Answers?

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